Fort Carson, CO

Square Feet



This building serves as an artifact storage facility (museum) for the 4th Infantry Division. The building includes display space, an office, a storage /shop space, janitor closet, and mechanical equipment room. The work includes excavation work to route a swale or ditch around the south and east end of the building as shown on the drawings and relocating a portion of the existing security fence as shown on the drawings.

Install and hook up building utilities to the existing utility lines BMC was responsible for the design and installation of a fire alarm and mass notification system. The mass notification system is a system installed in the building that is networked to the post-wide emergency notification system. BMC designed and install an intrusion detection system in the display area with connection of the alarm to Building 2757 (Physical Security).

BMC was responsible for the design and installation of a fire suppression (fire sprinkler) system in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 – 2009 edition. The design of the fire suppression system shall be prepared by a Colorado licensed Fire Protection Engineer. BMC was also responsible for designing the circuiting of the electrical power and lighting systems.