Additional Projects

VA Haley – Tampa, FL

BMC is the incumbent on the current Firm Fixed Price contract. Our contract services include removal of office furniture, equipment such as desks, file cabinets and wheeled medical equipment to new locations throughout the facility including the Community Based Outpatient Clinics and other leased space. Period of performance is began September 1, 2014 and extends through 2018 at the government’s discretion.


VA Palo Alto – Palo Alto, CA

BMC was recently awarded a Firm Fixed Price Blanket Purchase Agreement for Furniture Management Services at the VA Palo Alto Heath Care System.  This work includes loading, moving, unloading, disassembly and reassembly of office and/or clinical furniture, accessories and boxed items.

MacDill Air Force Base – Tampa, FL

BMC is the incumbent on the current Firm Fixed Price contract at MacDill AFB providing Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS) and has thorough knowledge and capability to continue performing quality work to achieve the Air Force’s objectives.

 Colfax Enhanced Transit Corridor – Grant to Josephine

This project consists of the installation of pedestrian lighting along the streets crossing Colfax using drill-in lighting foundations, boring of conduit underneath existing sidewalk/roadway, and replacement of damaged concrete sidewalk panels.

The new pedestrian lights provide better coverage to make the area safer and more welcoming and replace existing outdated pedestrian light posts and lights with new classic-looking acorn glass/dome lights.

This project is part of the greater Colfax Avenue Enhanced Corridor project which includes improvements to help create an enhanced transit corridor such as lighting, sidewalk, curb ramps, and trees.

78th Troop Command, National Guard – Marietta, GA

BMC provided comprehensive support for the design, reconfiguration, relocation and increasing of office space for 78th Troop Command Headquarters building. Scope included the installation of furniture, equipment and ancillary products.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs IDIQ

On this five year IDIQ contract a large portion of work is performed at night; B&M Construction has adjusted our team size and work hours accordingly to meet project deadlines in this occupied hospital setting. Unique coordination due to environmental and infection disease controls is required on every project.  Some of the Task Orders performed under this IDIQ contract include:

VA259-13-J-1066 VA Chillers

Removed and replaced existing 120 ton duplex Trane Reciprocating Chiller with 440 volt power supply.  New 120 ton chiller with the capability to handle summer and winter loading was fitted to existing piping and rooftop condensers.  All control components and electrical hookups were the responsibility of BMC.  Replaced pillow block bearings in rooftop condensers and inspected shafts.  Balanced both fans and performed full system operational test prior to completion of work.  Removed existing Freon and charged completed system with new Freon.  Documentation of proper disposal was provided to the VA prior to the completion of the job.  Provided a one year warranty on parts and labor and two sets of operational and maintenance manuals.  Completed job was a turn-key operation and new unit was fully functional with automatic operation.  

VA259-3-J-2401 Upgrade Barriers & Cable Management Project

Provided all labor and materials to upgrade the existing smoke/fire barriers in buildings 1, 5, 20, and 34 of the VA Medical Center in Grand Junction, CO.  The work included a survey of all multi-system signal cabling in the corridor pathways/adjacent spaces of the 3rd and 5th floors of building 1, removal of abandoned cabling, and the replacement of existing active cabling.  BMC repaired all wall assemblies (smoke partitions, door closures) indicated as smoke and fire barriers for building 1, 20, and 34 and identified all smoke barrier partitions with new paint.  We provided electrical circuits to future communications spaces on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors and installed a ladder type cable tray on the same floors.  We replaced all active Category 3 and Category 5 cabling on the 5th floor of building one, duplicating existing service at the device point of contact, and installed registered jack components in accordance with the current Grand Junction VA configuration.  

VA259-13-J-3359 FY13 Facility Improvements

BMC provided all tools, labor, materials, parts, equipment and supervision to complete facility improvement renovations at the VA in Denver, CO.  The scope of this project included:

Room C1A2A: Demo existing information kiosk and flooring material and replace with new Vinyl flooring and partition furnishings to be selected by VA. Patch and repair as required.  Cut and Cap electrical and date at column.

Room 1E100: Demo angle glass Wall and replace with sliding glass window.  Provide security glazing strips at both window openings.  Demo and install new vinyl flooring as an alternate in room C1E3.  Add two new windows, remove door and replace with Window and make room 1D109 ligature proof.

Rooms 1B130 and 1B131: Remove exiting restroom partitions and replace with new partitions.

Room 2A100, 2A100A: Demo reception desk, sliding door and flooring material.  Add new flooring, paint5 chair rail, wall protection below rail to new rubber base and add a window into the west wall of the reception room.

Room 1B103A: Add a hand wash sink, match adjacent room sink and faucet.

VA259-13-J-2351 SPS Walls

The VA contracted BMC to provide all tools, labor, material, equipment, and supervision to run new mains for hot and cold water from the sub-basement to serve Sterile Processing Service (SPS) located in the A-wing basement.  Demolition and construction work was completed in five phases.  Work included running new mains for hot and cold water from the sub-basement with one central filtration point for testing and maintenance as well as new service runs to all equipment including DI water system, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, cart and instruments washers, and sinks.  Work also included site preparation (demolition and construction) for the addition of one sink, replacement of the existing cart washer, and the addition of a second instrument washer.  BMC relocated the existing pass-through window and installed additional lighting.  The completed project limited the amount of iron and other minerals as well as total dissolved solids in the water connected to the processing equipment to ensure there were no deposits on instruments being processed for increased safety and functionality.  Phase 2 work included architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work.

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