B&M Construction, Inc. provided all labor, materials, and equipment to deliver Xeriscape landscaping; turf type landscaping; demolition work; preparatory work; drainage elements (including rock mulch and rip rap work); irrigation installation; seeding and planting; asphalt patching; erosion control; storm water pollution prevention; build culverts; rehabilitation of the inlets and outlets; debris removal; backflow reconfiguration; remove exiting silt build up; replace drainage piping and valves; and performing maintenance. B&M Construction provided several alternative / optional items to enhance the project’s sustainability. The customer implemented our recommendations in the project.

One of the unique elements of this project was the substantial drainage problem that was being experienced along this road prior to B&M Construction’s improvements. We made the determination that this problem would be solved during the course of our performance. Our personnel conducted multiple surveys, at no added cost to the government, to determine the root cause of the flooding. We identified the cause and redesigned the antiquated drainage system using the latest engineering principles. The customer subsequently implemented B&M Construction’s design recommendations.