This project represents Phase 2 and 3 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Building 1 at their campus in Boulder, CO.  This cast-in-place reinforced concrete building was constructed in 1954 and houses a wide range of laboratory facilities that support research and measurements and clean room facilities for the fabrication of unique nanoscale instruments that are used for NIST Boulder research and measurements.  Phase 2 and 3 will provide much needed high quality laboratory and office space at Building  1; and ultimately create a flexible collaborative research environment.

The project includes preconstruction and construction activities for renovation of Building 1 including scientific research laboratory facilitates, administrative facilities, utilities, electrical systems, water and sewage systems, ADA compliance requirements, safety systems, energy conservation systems, roofs, communications, security systems, HVAC systems, roads, fences, and gates.

The scope includes a full interior build out of Wing 3 and 6 including installation of environmental equipment and controls to meet strict temperature, vibration and humidity controls along with air filtration requirements.  The project also includes office planning to address efficient use of space, appropriate layouts for research related tasks and proper utilities to promote a healthier working environment.  Structural upgrades will meet current requirements and allow structural security measures to be implemented including the incorporation of blast protection.

BMC will integrate the existing Central Utility Plant series into Building 1 primarily through existing tunnels. Laboratory decommissioning and hazardous materials abatement is included in the project.

Communication elements addressed include telephone cabling and fiber optic networks for data.  Life safety and building security elements in the renovation include fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, and building access control.  Renovation design and construction will be submitted for LEED-Commercial Interiors Silver certification.

The NIST Auditorium project also included refurbishing the facility. Replacement of original seats, curtains, carpet, as well as installation of new wall panels covering existing surfaces with something acoustically and decoratively appropriate for the space and intended use. Replacement of all chalkboards with white dry eraser boards was also required. A topcoat of decorative high traffic resistant epoxy were overlaid over the existing concrete and new patched concrete flooring areas that were not proposed to receive carpet.

The facility required the installation of two Lecterns/Podiums and 10 chairs for the stage. Installation of Urethane Non Slip Concrete Floor Coating system over existing floor was also implemented. Along with cutting square dimensions at all damaged concrete areas damaged by removal of existing seating and relocation of new seating.