B&M Construction provided innovative and comprehensive Design-build services for the Dining Facility at Fort Carson. The Design-build project consisted of precise carpentry, value engineering, electrical and HVAC upgrades. The design incorporates the use of brick materials requested by Fort Carson’s Department of Public Works, to ensure consistency of building appearances. After working diligently with SimplexGrinnell, the building now features effective communication between the existing Monoco System and the Fire Department. B&M Construction designed an elaborate facility by seamlessly harmonizing the new addition to the existing building, while also providing a visual upgrade, replacing canopies and landscape to the surroundings of the entire project site.

The new dining facility provides soldiers with a sanitary, safe, and cost-effective building to enjoy recreational activities as well as social interactions.

Areas of Notable Interest include:

        • Design-Build
        • Landscape Improvements
        • Environmentally Friendly
        • Cost-Effective Facility
        • Safety Appraisal